Mewakhola Hill Resort
Mewakhola Hill Resort

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A resort in Taplejung offering a clean, comfortable and friendly place to stay in before your big adventure, whether it be a trek to Kanchanjunga or a holy visit to Pathivara devi or for business purposes. We will keep you company and make you feel at home. The hotel was constructed over the vision of our founder to give a comfortable and modern feel to our guest in a place where they least expect it. Taplejung is gradually developing and catching up with other cities , but we provide you with services no less than that of a modern resort in a modern city.

Mewakhola Hill Resort
Mewakhola Hill Resort
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Mewakhola Hill Resort
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Mewakhola Hill Resort
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About the Founder

Suresh Limbu
Mr. Suresh M. Limbu
Owner of Mewakhola Hill Resort

Our founder Suresh Limbu's vision is now turning into a reality with his resort here in Taplejung. As a long time business man he has visited a lot of hotel and resorts. But he never did find one quite satisfying in his own home town. So, with his vision to do something for and in his home town, he Welcomes You to his resort. A resort which provides you with a complete and satisfying stay before your next big adventure.

Visitor's Reviews

Anjon Limbu
Mr. Anjon Limbu Probably one of the best of Taplejung.
I was quite shocked to see this newly made resort standout so much . Everything from food, room, customer service were handled neatly. Especially the rooms, I was not expecting such standard rooms in that low price. Overall my stay here was quite relaxing stay before my trek.
shreyaskar shrestha
Mr. Shreyaskar Shrestha Lovely food with lovely environment, what more can you ask for? If you ever visit Taplejung, Mewakhola hill Resort is the place to stay. Proper hospitality, food and environment that gives you the feeling of being in your own home.
sagarika bhandari
Ms. Sagarika Bhandari The best part of this resort is good food and good service. Staying here is worth the price and time. The rooms are up to standards of that of resorts in Kathmandu.
Amit Shrestha
Mr. Amit Shrestha Undoubtedly the best resort or Hotel in Taplejung... Loved the cozy sitting, warm servings and beautiful indoor decors.